Over The Big Hill

“You have two numbers in your age when you are ten. It’s the beginning of growing up.” ― Maud Hart Lovelace

In naming our blog, I decided to focus on a literary reference from the Betsy and Tacy story by Maud Hart Lovelace which I enjoyed reading as a child. Not only was there a character with my name but she had two cool friends uniquely named Tacy and Tib.  For a girl with an uncommon name, I felt connected to these stories and even more so because they were set in a fictitious town in Minnesota.

Now that I have moved from Minnesota, to California and subsequently to Canada, I feel this title is even more appropriate about my life and going on an adventure.  Like the girls in the story, I am trying to make it over that big hill and even as an adult I am still growing up.

One thought on “Over The Big Hill

  1. I started with Heavens to Betsy in which Betsy is spending a few weeks at a farm in southern Minnesota and then enters her freshman year at Deep Valley High School. I eventually went back to the full series.
    I love the name of the blog and sense of adventure. How encouraging!

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