Same yet different…

“Well, that’s the news from Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.”

~Garrison Keillor

The night our flight was canceled and we stayed overnight in a Toronto hotel, Parker and I let the kids eat dinner at midnight from the hotel snack shop.  Essentially they ate ice cream and chips and washed it all down with some juice and soda.  When it’s that late at night and you’ve been stranded without jackets or a toothbrush pretty much anything goes. Additionally, you get really excited about weird things, like the fact they sold Old Dutch potato chips in the snack shop — a Minnesota staple.

(If you’re wondering, I had a bag of barbecue and Parker some salt and vinegar.)

The only thing that could have made this night more amazing (other than having our luggage and being in Halifax) would have been if the snack shop carried dill pickle chips.

Lucky for me, Canada also appreciates the finer things in life because I’ve seen a handful of dill pickle flavored snacks. In fact, as I grocery shopped the other day I noticed  few other similarities to that of Minnesota.

  • Soda is called “pop”
  • Canadians also enjoy Five Alive


Another notable similarity between Nova Scotia and Minnesota is that everyone is REALLY nice.  For example, we went to the Canadian equivalent of the DMV (see picture below…a stark contrast to the DMVs in San Diego) and we were greeted by an employee who asked if we had been helped and guided us to the appropriate window.


We find that people go out of their way to help, ask where we are from and immediately chat it up for an extended period of time.  The conversation usually involves the person asking why we left the warmth of California.

Oh, and the politeness even extends to their signage.


Halifax also reminds us of San Diego as there is a great restaurant scene and all the action and entertainment is near the water.  There is also a handful of craft breweries and distilleries throughout town.

For now, we are really holding onto the sameness as it gives us comfort and familiarity as we try to navigate our lives in Canada.

3 thoughts on “Same yet different…

  1. Well don’t ya know, that is just lovely. You betcha 🙂 How’s that for my Minnesota speak?! Keep up the blogging! Love it!


  2. The picture of your DMV almost made me cry after spending 4 hours packed like stinky sardines at the Clairemont DMV today. I almost had a meltdown! 😣


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