“Home is the nicest word there is.”
~Laura Ingalls Wilder

I never pictured myself homeschooling our kids, but with a big transition like this we took the plunge. We figured a move mid year to a new country was change enough, so here I am homeschooling until June. I feel confident I have the whole  teaching thing down…it’s the being with my kids all day long that I am not so sure about.

Well, we are two weeks into our homeschool journey and here are a few things I have observed:

  • I have a much clearer picture of my kids’ academic strengths and weaknesses
  • I view my children in a different academic light and can see their “whole” intelligence
  • Elsa prefers math and reading/analyzing stories
  • Sophie loves to write, enjoys science and researching.
  • Soren plays by his own rules. The other day he traced the letter A and said “whew, I’m done with school for the day” and closed up shop.

Somedays we feel a little cooped up but for the most part being with my kids all day has been a special treat. I know that sounds cliche and kind of obnoxious, but it’s the truth. Honestly, had I been forced to send them off to school as soon as we moved, I would have felt quite lonely and lost. All in all, I need their companionship as much as they need mine.

Incidentally, to combat cabin fever, we have enacted Field Trip Fridays. It’s a good way to explore the town, get out of the house, have some fun and learn along the way.

Last Friday, our first field trip was chosen by the girls and happily it was just down the street from our house — the Discovery Science Center.

The kids did some STEM activities, learned about cats and dogs, watched a presentation on germs and just played around. Even Ellinor enjoyed the cat/dog exhibit.

Tomorrow we are off to the Maritime Museum, which seems fitting for our shipbuilding family. We have been seeing lots of big ships sail past our window and the girls are excited to learn more about the maritime world in Halifax — one of the worlds great deep water ports. There’s an extra bonus if there is a good restaurant nearby.  Field Trip Friday is even better when there is food at the end.





6 thoughts on “Homeschooling

  1. I’ve often wondered if I could teach my own kids day in and day out…kudos to you for tackling the different age levels. For Soren, we’ll tgat sounded like Soren-ha! But there are 2 FB pages I love for ideas for his age; Teaching 2’s and 3’s and the other is Pre-K pages. I get great hands on ideas there! Drove past your house today and thought of you all. We went to church and the Sugar and Scribe then sat on a bench above WindanSea…love to you all! Love reading your blog!


  2. I LOVE reading your blog! If anyone can homeschool, it is you! If you survived that 7th grade class, you can do anything!😉 (having a student in that class allows me to say that!) Soren…I think I like his style!


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