Everything Old is New Again

We have only been here three weeks, but I really want to get the kids back into their activities. Given we are homeschooling, I want them to meet other kids and start to connect with their new home.

One of the biggest hurdles has been getting Elsa back into ballet. I figured, start with the toughest kid and work my way backwards. Even though it’s just Canada, I’m finding the ballet world is far different and we are having to adjust.  Add to that a little girl with a history of anxiety and you’ve got a mother’s worst nightmare.

All these firsts are going to feel quite heavy and unfortunately there will be many of them, much to Elsa’s displeasure. Thankfully, I have my constant Sophie who is always up for something new and watches over her siblings while I run to take Elsa from one dance school tour to another.

Part of me wants all of our kids just to join hockey, afterall it would be way easier.

Soren for sure is all in.


Even Ellinor seems enthralled by the sport (she went to her first hockey game…the Halifax Mooseheads vs the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles).


All in all, I’m finding that it’s harder to assume a routine and start where we left off in December. I’m trying to remember it took fifteen years to establish what we had in San Diego and I can’t make that just happen overnight in Canada. I crave constancy and I’m learning I need to just relax and let things fall into place.  Stay tuned…

One thought on “Everything Old is New Again

  1. I’m loving your updates. I live on the second floor and can’t imagine doing it with 4 kids including a baby 😧! I’m glad you guys are having fun and exploring your new home. Seems like a lot of fun especially field trip fridays! Xo


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