A little bit of this and that…

Last week for Field Trip Friday, we visited The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.  It’s the oldest and largest maritime museum in Canada and once inside, we were surrounded by boats, historical artifacts and a plethora of information regarding the maritime industry and its history.  They even have a parrot named Merlin!



The Halifax Explosion exhibit was captivating and if not for Soren running around and pointing out all of the artifacts, I probably would have learned even more.  Thankfully, I bought a Halifax museum pass which will allow us to visit as much as we like.


On Monday, we took a trip to the beautiful Halifax Central Library.  There is an entire floor dedicated to families, kids and teens.  They encourage you to talk normally (no whispering) and you can even eat while you read.  There is a cool cafe that makes you want to get a cup of tea and curl up with a book…you know, a favourite activity for people who don’t have children.  Sophie even said this was TOTALLY a place she would hangout at with friends.  We got library cards and I was relieved to know I can check out 60 books at a time.  Afterward, we hit up the UPS Store.


After homeschool, we have a good amount of downtime, but thankfully I was suckered into buying a handful of those subscription boxes for the kids.  I was skeptical at first, but they are seriously awesome.  With Radish Kids, a cooking program, the girls made baked zucchini fries with homemade ranch dressing.



I also purchased a subscription through Kiwi Co. where Soren receives the Kiwi Crate, Elsa the Doodle Crate and Sophie the Tinker Crate.  These art and science activities have been a lifesaver on the long winter days.  Elsa created a Sumi-E ink painting, Soren a solar system and puff ball shooter and Sophie created a glowing pendulum.


Another popular indoor activity is letting Soren run out his energy in the hallway.  Elsa has set up a series of timed exercises and subsequently records his scores.  In between sprints, Elsa will practice her ballet and jazz moves. Sophie likes to hang in the house and keeps us well fed by making a nightly batch of chocolate chip cookies.




One thought on “A little bit of this and that…

  1. It seems like the kids are having lots of fun and discovering indoor activities. The pics at the UPS store crack me up! The library sounds like a dream… our tiny library here by home probably isn’t even the size of the floor you described haha. The subscriptions you mentioned are interesting as I hadn’t heard of those but would love to try them at some point.


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