Let It Be

When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom
Let it be

~The Beatles, “Let It Be”

Surprisingly, out of all our kids, Soren (4) is the one having the toughest time adjusting to our move. He seems really confused as to why we are in Canada, where his toys are and wonders when we are going back to California.

One of the main reasons he wants to go back is to see his cousin Owen.  Soren quite often brings me his coveted gold coin (a Loonie) and requests I book a plane ticket to California.

I feel like I pulled a Parent Trap on him. I took one kid, Jackie kept the other and someday at camp they will meet up and realize they are related, only to swap homes, reunite the family and everyone will have a good laugh.

*Note: The movie Parent Trap is extremely ridiculous, farfetched and kind of messed up, but it’s still one of my favorite childhood movies…

Soren is also bored. He is having to do things that most four year olds aren’t very good at, like being quiet (while Ellinor sleeps), practicing patience (while mom does school with his sisters) and containing his energy in a small space.

Parker and I are trying to help Soren get his groove back and to seek out special time. We have enrolled him in skate school and Parker took him skating last weekend.


In general, we are all feeling cooped up, but small things are making a big difference, like music in our van. In California, our Honda Odyssey was where we spent a lot of our time shuttling kids between school, work and activities and music was our lifeline during those frequent rides.

Well, we just purchased another Odyssey and the kids were elated when we could finally sync up our music and Spotify.  Soren’s face lit up and I instantly felt lighter.  I purposely drove much slower on the way home and made sure to play his favorite, “Let It Be”, at least twice.









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