Coming in like a lion…

I crave alone time. The kind of alone where I can be in a room and sit knowing that another person is a good 50 feet away from me. I’m not picky either. I’d love to read a book in my solitude, but I’d settle for silence and a couch all to myself.

I know if I am feeling this way, so are my kids. I can sense their restlessness. We are all craving a space of our own.

We try to get out of the condo, but I feel like we are stuck more than usual with Ellinor napping. I have never been that mom who plans her life around her kid’s sleep schedule, but considering our close quarters as of late and Ellinor’s love of the cat nap, I have become that mom. I am constantly shushing my kids because I know I can get Ellinor to sleep for at least thirty undisturbed minutes, where I can spend my precious time sweeping the floor for the tenth time that day.  See crumb culprit below:


When we do get out, my kids are super appreciative and excited. Even Ellinor loves it. She is the happy baby that just wants to stare at everyone and smile.

Yesterday after school we went to a local bookstore called Chapters.  As we walked in Elsa sniffed the air and said “Ahh, it smells like Barnes and Noble.”  There was even a Starbucks inside.

Poor Soren has a bad cold, but we went out regardless.  He hates shopping on a good day and I definitely knew it was time to go when he asked to take a nap on the floor.

The upside was we drank Frappuccinos and iced tea and discovered that Chapters is way more than a bookstore.  It’s also like a Geppettos meets baby/kid/home boutique. We will be back, Chapters.

Alisha comes to visit in six days, but who is counting?



3 thoughts on “Coming in like a lion…

  1. It won’t be long until Elsa’s birthday, which is about the time Alisha is there. And after that, you will be in sunny FL. Hang in there, Betsy.

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