“Yay! Gift cards! I have an adult dollhouse, and sometimes I use these as bathmats.”

~Target Lady (SNL Skit)

I had a conversation recently with a man about the US and how we have so much buying power. I lamented that I missed Amazon Prime Now grocery delivery and above all, Target. As our conversation wrapped up, he proceeded say “it’s okay because Canada has Walmart and it’s basically the same as Target.”

I feigned a smile and slowly backed out of the room.

Well, guess what?  We are in Florida and we went to Target.

🎶Reunited and it feels so goooood🎶


We visited Starbucks, swung by the The Dollar Spot and bought the daily essentials: La Croix water, swimsuits, vitamins, face masks, unicorn shirts and Lego blind bags.

It felt good to be somewhere familiar and to exit a building into a warm breeze.


Even more so, we are excited to be visiting Ward and Wendy this week. Back into flip flops, shorts and basking in the sunshine.



2 thoughts on “Target

  1. What – Walmart is like target? That’s sacrilege! Who is this man, he should be arrested! Glad you’re in sunny weather and in Target. That’s what I always miss when I’m out of the county too!


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