Remember when…

“Memories were like sunshine. They warmed you up and left a pleasant glow, but you couldn’t hold them.”

~Clare Vanderpool, Moon Over Manifest

As a parent, you look for connections  with your children.  You long to find shared experiences and tap into those childhood memories that brought you a simple happiness.

Growing up a dancer, I was thrilled my girls showed an interest and love for the sport.  Having been in a dance family, it has been special to share in all these dance moments with Sophie and Elsa.  It’s also familiar.  I know what to expect, can offer advice, feel comfortable volunteering and even take classes alongside them.  It’s been a fun journey and I’m grateful for the special dance time we get together. I’m also thankful that I know how to craft a perfect bun and can apply stage makeup just right because that stuff can be intimidating.

On Saturday, we went to Ballet Jörgen’s production of Anastasia at the Rebecca Cohn Theater at Dalhousie University.  I love taking the girls to the ballet and for the first time in a long time, we got out for a fun night on the town.

Note, that lady is not sitting on Elsa’s head.


Onto another chapter, last week Soren started the CanSkate program with the Halifax Skating Club. This was a big moment for Soren and an exciting time for our family.

Having grown up with everything hockey in Minnesota and Parker still actively playing, it was great to see him show an interest in the sport.

My heart swelled to 100 times its actual size when he stepped out onto the ice. He looked so little yet so happy and ready to skate…and let’s be honest, it’s a known fact that hockey kids are the coolest.

I will admit, I am pumped to be a hockey mom. Give me a hot tea, a beanie, warm blanket and a spot on the bleachers and I am ready to go.

2 thoughts on “Remember when…

  1. We were thrilled to see the girls dance in The Nutcracker. Watching video of Soren learning to skate as he focuses on balance and turning around is a joy. Lindsay learned to figure skate at the Farmington arena.


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