“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

~John Muir 

Growing up in Minnesota, I remember the anticipation and excitement that came with spring. As soon as you could smell the change and feel the temperature rise, you were outside until sundown, not wanting to ever go back inside the house.

The weather in Halifax has taken a turn for the better (or so we hope) and with that, we are feeling rejuvenated. Having moved right smack in the middle of winter, we are absolutely ready for sunshine and warmer days.

For starters, we planted our seedlings.  They are beginning to grow and getting lots of sunlight in our front entryway.


There has been lots of playing outside, and riding of scooters. We even took school outdoors today.

Given it was a Monday and much of my life has been unpacking and organizing a house, I set out on a walk. I intended to go alone, but a certain someone decided to tag along.

Soren and I went down the bike path, just across the street from our house.  It runs along the “Arm” — the inlet that comes off the Atlantic Ocean along the Halifax peninsula.  There are a handful of small parks, beaches and areas for walking that meander along the water.

We took the steps down to one small pocket park that had a dock.  I told Soren we should try fishing soon. He thought that was a great idea and told me, “Mom you can cook the fish we catch, but you can just eat it. If you want, you can make a fish smoothie.” Delicious!

When we got back Elsa had decided to pick up trash that had found its way into the woods.


She has some serious plans to wear shorts all week and to break out her sundresses.

It feels good to shed all our layers. Welcome Spring.

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