“Sometimes it’s best not to see your whole path laid out before you. Let life surprise you…There are more stars out there than just the ones with names. And they’re all beautiful.”

~Clare Vanderpool, Navigating Early

One of my favorite times of year is the end of spring and transition into summer. The warmer nights and flurry of season ending performances and activities make for a hectic time of year, but it is always so much fun.

Growing up in a dance family, rehearsals, recitals and competitions encompassed my life for much of the late spring, and I loved it. I loved it even more when my girls took up dance and we were able to experience this together.

In San Diego, we had found a great dance home at California Ballet. Starting when Sophie was five years old and then Elsa a few short years later, we spent much of our evenings and weekends there. The instruction was top notch, with teachers who truly cared about their students. It became more than just dance. We cultivated a strong network of friends that would transcend beyond the studio.

As a parent, especially as a mom, your children’s lives become yours. Given you are the one carting them to all their activities, spending countless hours in waiting rooms and volunteering, your social lives become connected. If you’re lucky, you meet likeminded parents with whom you enjoy hanging out. If not, those hours waiting and watching your child can feel EXTREMELY long or even miserable, depending on who you get stuck talking to.

A few weekends ago, California Ballet held their annual All School Concert. It was wonderful to see all of our friends sharing pictures and updates on social media, but at the same time we felt a ping of sadness knowing we wouldn’t be participating. It was our “first” big moment since moving where we missed out.

These first “misses” are inevitable, especially when it comes to school given Elsa and Soren are homeschooled. I mean, the principal (i.e., me) didn’t even order yearbooks and the end of year picnic ended up being a trip to the park and McDonald’s drive through.

Parker keeps reminding me about thinking forward, not backward, yet lately I find it hard to balance my desire for the past with that of my present. It’s like watching a video of your child when they were younger; you feel happy and sad all in the same moment.

With forward momentum in mind, Elsa is just two weeks away from her first dance recital in Canada. She is extremely excited and we are proud of her commitment, especially since she started the program mid year.

Even more exciting, Elsa (actually mom) finally managed to pull out one of her loose teeth.

School is SLOWLY winding down for Sophie and she had her first choir concert at her new school.

Soren, aka Mr. Enthusiasm, started tee ball on Sunday.

Ellinor is literally moving forward as she is on the cusp of crawling. Even more exciting is that she wears jean shorts.

She loves jorts.

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