Dog Days

“Great is the sun, and wide he goes
Through empty heaven without repose;
And in the blue and glowing days
More thick than rain he showers his rays.”

~Robert Louis Stevenson, “Summer Sun”

Summer is in full swing and August has brought warm weather and long summer days. I alternate between loving our lazy afternoons and wishing school would begin. By the time 2pm rolls around everyone is bored, including myself.  I don’t want to wish away the summer as the thought of a quiet house is unsettling. Also, summer is Big Brother season!

Until then, I will toil away in the kitchen making what seems to be fifteen meals a day, cleaning up after said meals and failing to keep up with the summer laundry.

Soren started swim camp for two weeks. How come only one of my kids is in camp?!?

We had three goals with camp:

  1. Tire Soren out
  2. Get Soren swimming
  3. Use camp as way to introduce school and new experiences

Soren exceeded all three goals and did so with enthusiasm.

We have been doing a lot of swimming (hence the daily laundry mountain) at the Waegwoltic Club down the street.  We joined up this winter but you don’t really use the facilities until the summer, which is why we have become frequent visitors. Think resort like facilities with classes, swimming, sailing, outdoor activities and dining.  It’s kind of like a big summer camp for families.

The kids have been helping with projects around the house, one being making sense of Soren’s trove of LEGOS. I realized years ago that LEGO organization is futile, but we want to assemble and display his mini figures and favorite creations. Hopefully Soren can stop asking me to fix a badly mangled spaceship or giant dragon. I am not a Master Builder.

Our little Ellinor turned 9 months old and she is our happy little love bug. Currently, she enjoys testing the integrity of gates and barriers in order to climb steps, chewing on remotes, playing in our shower and getting rides in her Batmobile.

Parker and I celebrated 15 years of marital bliss.  We went out to dinner at the geriatric hour of 5 pm to accommodate the kids, as well as our babysitters, also our kids. We dined at Edna and it is undoubtedly my favourite place in Halifax.  It felt familiar and the food and drinks were lovely.

We spent the evening playing board games with the kids and relaxing on the deck.

Here, Elsa is cramming for a serious 6am deadline.

Next week is theater camp for Sophie and swim lessons for Soren. As I try to create a memorable summer for my kids, while still maintaining my sanity, I’m reminded of this because it’s absolutely the truth.

One thought on “Dog Days

  1. Happy anniversary! Michael and I are celebrating 10 years (yesterday) in Peru. We are hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu starting tomorrow! 

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