“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.”

~ Julia Child

On job applications and resumes, when asked what qualities I could bring to a workplace, I usually list organizational and interpersonal skills as well as my ability to multitask.  It sounds cliche, but these are my strengths.  As for my weakness, I mention at times I can talk too much. 🙂

No, this doesn’t mean I am applying for jobs although I am extremely envious seeing all my teacher friends back in the classroom.  I LOVE back-to-school time.  Organizing my classroom, planning curriculum, choosing new books to read for the school year and of course, school supplies [sigh]. I am living vicariously through everyone’s social media posts, so please keep sharing.

I mention multitasking because with four kids, my ability to plan and think through numerous tasks has been put to the test.  Like on Friday, when I decided to make homemade pizza sauce like I have done hundreds of times before.

Let me first say, I have had a Vitamix for years and this has NEVER happened to me.  In setting up the mixer, I inserted the Tamper Tool (yes, it has a name) from the bottom, not the top, thus turning it on and the tool began to shred via the rotating blades causing total pandemonium.  Sauce, everywhere….ceiling, walls, floors, cabinets (inside and out) and myself.  It even covered vegetables and fruits I had on the counter. This all happened in a matter of five seconds, but it still managed to annihilate my kitchen.

What was I thinking?


  1. Yikes!  Ellinor is up from her nap….got to get this sauce pureed.
  2. Sophie’s theatre performance is at 4pm…what time should we leave?  I need to make sure Ellinor is rested.  I need to fill the formula dispenser in the diaper bag?  Don’t forget the bottle and some snacks.
  3. Do I need gas in the car?
  4. On the first day of school, what is the most efficient route to get the kids to school on time? Where do I park?
  5. Sophie needs new shoes.
  6. What time is it?????


  1. Making pizza sauce
  2. Making lunch for Elsa and Soren
  3. Making bottle for Ellinor
  4. Taking inventory and logging grocery items on list
  5. Watering plants
  6. Pickling cucumbers
  7. Doing laundry


  1. Having a conversation with Soren about Minecraft
  2. Soren talking and talking and talking
  3. Listening to Elsa talking about Slime
  4. Did the washing machine timer go off?

Once the sauce exploded from the Vitamix, I sent Soren and Elsa into a state of panic.  Soren was terrified.  While he screamed, Elsa came running and heard my calls for towels, not little towels, big towels, in fact our giant beach towels.  While I began to clean, Elsa retrieved a screaming Ellinor from her crib, brought her downstairs and kept her quarantined in a safe zone created with the bar stools.

I did text the picture to Parker and his response was “that was tomato sauce, right?” In thinking about Parker’s reaction, I now know the reason for Soren’s horror-stricken response. I assured Parker, yes it was sauce, not blood and that I felt like an idiot.  He jokingly asked if we were still having pizza.

Parker’s joke helped make light of something that I was feeling super crummy about.  I will admit, I cried.  Maybe I was shocked at the Vitamix’s aggression, or maybe it was because hot pizza sauce splattered all over my body. Regardless, I was overwhelmed at the mess and also shocked I made such a stupid mistake.

I managed to salvage some of the sauce, but upon further inspection noticed small bits of black plastic in the container.  Although I was tempted to be like “eh, what’s a little plastic in the diet nowadays,” I ultimately threw it away.

We did make it to Sophie’s theatre camp performance on time and I didn’t need to stop for gas.  Ellinor was happy and needed to be fed, so Elsa stepped in as cinematographer.  Sophie did a great job performing and singing songs from My Fair Lady, Dear Evan Hansen and Into the Woods.  It was a nice little reprieve from an otherwise chaotic afternoon.

Note: I remade the pizza sauce that evening, but I drank some wine which helped.  Also, Soren suggested Parker run the Vitamix since last time I made it explode like a bomb.

9 thoughts on “Multitasking

  1. I love you. I love your posts. I love the humor you bring to a life that is beautifully chaotic!! I always look forward to reading what you guys are up to! Miss you friend!!😘


  2. Oh my god I love you! And love your posts! I’m impressed you made pizza sauce. You know you can buy it premade on a frozen pizza right? 😂 If it makes you feel better, this spring I fell and scraped my hand and knees and dropped all our groceries and ugly cried on the middle of a sidewalk. I get it, sometimes you just need to cry. 😘


    1. Oh no Angie! How awful 😭😭😭. I would have cried and then ran away so no one saw me…therefore it never happened? Ha ha.


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