Hurry Up And Wait

“Sweet parking spot, Mom.”

~Sophie Larson

You would think after living in Nova Scotia for over nine months we would be ready for inclement weather. Nope. On a scale of 1 to 10, our weather preparedness the other morning was at San Diego Level 1.

The forecast called for rain and in searching our garage, I found two Disneyland rain ponchos and three umbrellas, one of which was broken. I also realized we had donated the rain cover for the stroller. Looking back, I specifically remember opening the box in San Diego and Parker and I both saying, “We will never need this…” just prior to dropping it at Goodwill.

So off to school we went…five people, two umbrellas and an exposed stroller ready to take on the rain.

Much to my surprise, we immediately found a parking spot near the school and I took one for the team, using the broken umbrella while Soren and Elsa shared the other. I ditched the stroller, strapped Ellinor into the Ergo, pulled up our hoods and was ever thankful the rain was nothing more than a drizzle.

As we walked I made a mental note of things we need:

1. Functioning umbrellas

2. Fall jackets with hoods (preferably waterproof)

3. Rain boots

4. Rain cover for the stroller

5. A chauffeur

Usually the kids and parents wait outside until the teachers let the students into the building, but today they were allowed into the school upon arrival. Whew.

After the drop off hugs and long goodbyes, Ellinor and I walked back to the car. The sprinkles had all but stopped and I felt silly for being so underprepared. After all, I grew up in Minnesota, for Pete’s sake.

I’m giving myself a pass on this one though because in Minnesota I only had to worry about myself. My “grown up” phase happened in California and I am trying to rewire my brain for life in a seasonal climate.

One thing I wish for (as an adult, sometimes your deepest desires can be pretty lame) is a car queue where we could pull up and dump, I mean drop, our kids off at school. As much as I love walking my kids and sending them off to their classroom, I’m going to dislike it when the weather gets cold and the snow starts to fall.

Like most moms, I spend a chunk of my day driving and waiting on kids in the car or as my friend Jean calls it, “The Fun Van.” Look at all the fun Ellinor is having!

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love living in a city, but that also means minimal parking (especially in a college town).

By the way, let me take a brief moment to discuss pedestrian behaviors in Halifax. This is the 2018 Canadian version of The Walking Dead, aimlessly shuffling about at a snails pace. Look, I understand pedestrians have the right of way, but this is a new extreme. Hopefully, they are all walking to their cars, which have taken up all the available parking locations.

Since living in La Jolla and now Halifax, I celebrate a good parking spot. I enjoy telling the kids, “Wait until you see where I parked!” I’m equally as proud when they excitedly approve and congratulate me. After all, a good parking spot benefits everyone; less walk to the car, a fast trip back home and in many cases, closer access to a desired location.

There are many times where I promise ice cream or lunch, but warn “If I don’t find a good parking spot, we are going back home.” Usually the kids snap to attention, glue their eyes out the window and actively point out potential spaces. At this point, I want that perfect spot because who wants to make dinner?

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