Love That Dog

Love that dog,
like a bird loves to fly
I said love that dog
like a bird loves to fly
Love to call him in the morning love to call him
“Hey there, Sky!”

~Sharon Creech, Love That Dog

Every year for my birthday and Christmas I would ask my parents for a puppy and each year I was denied my childhood  dream. I had to wait until I was twenty one years old to get a dog, but honestly it was well worth the wait.


Princess Buttercup was the best gift ever and my loyal companion.  She was loving, smart and despite some of her health issues, the most amazing dog in the world.


Our girls desperately wanted a puppy (I could relate), but I knew it would be awhile before we would get another dog. For one, our family wasn’t ready for a pet. Parker and I were both working and we lived in a great rental home by Windansea that didn’t allow pets. In the fickle rental market of La Jolla, you don’t leave a great house to get a dog and then hope to find a place to live. You hang tight, especially when the rent is low.  Additionally, I didn’t know if I wanted another dog because afterall, Buttercup would be hard to top.  There are also all the emotions that go with losing a pet.  For those that have had to put a pet to sleep, it is an awful process and I wasn’t sure I wanted to revisit that moment.

Flash forward to when we told the kids we were moving to Canada.  Sophie and Elsa burst into tears and Soren was completely confused.  Sophie cried tears of joy, excited for the new adventure, but Elsa felt betrayed, hurt and terrified.  In between sobs, Elsa begged if she could be homeschooled and then asked if we could get a dog.  Boom.  Parker, feeling deflated by Elsa’s emotions, assured her that yes, we would get a dog.

Know this, our agreement to get a puppy  wasn’t a flippant decision nor was it based solely on the sensitivity of that moment.  We knew that in moving to Canada, I wouldn’t be working and we would purchase a home, hence making it a perfect time to welcome a pet into our family.  I was also ready for another dog.  I missed the companionship and looked forward to having a pal to hang out with during my days home with Ellinor.  I wanted my kids to grow up with a pet and to have that unconditonal love and comfort only a dog can give.

We had anticipated it would be a good year or so before we would get a puppy, but our plans accelerated faster than expected and the girls and I set out to New Brunswick to pick up our pup last Sunday.  Despite the rain and gloomy, grey skies, it was a beautiful drive.  The trees had just started to change and the view of all the colours as well as the Bay of Fundy were wonderful to gaze upon as we drove seven hours, round trip, in the car.  We listened to podcasts and Spotify and enjoyed the quiet time together, chatting and sharing in what would be a very special moment.

So here she is!  Princess Pacifica Honeycrisp aka Honey.


Pacifica is a nod to San Diego and Honeycrisp, being from Minnesota, an apple developed at the University of Minnesota and a Larson favorite.

Honey is a sweet dog, but she is a puppy which means it’s like adding a baby to the family.  She is doing well with potty and crate training, but does like to whine and cry at night. As much as I try to ignore it, I do find myself getting her out and letting her sleep on my chest.  I know this is a terrible habit so instead I have taken to snuggling with her at nap time.  I don’t take naps, but when you are up at night with a puppy, you nap, and when you do, you nap with Honey.


I forgot how wonderful it is to have a dog back in the house. We already love her immensely.


3 thoughts on “Love That Dog

  1. Excited to meet little Princess Pacifica Honeycrisp! Is Princess a nod to Buttercup too? Lots of great memories moving forward. I remember when you cried in seeing Buttercup for the first time and then you said “she’s a grown dog!” But yes worth the wait to get a good one! Enjoy Honey! Love, Mom


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