“Two things cannot be in one place. Where you tend a rose, my lad, a thistle cannot grow.”

~Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

The other day, I pulled out some of our Christmas decor, wrapping paper and other holiday items to take an inventory as to what we had since I donated quite a bit of it before we moved.

Foraging through it all, I found myself getting choked up and eventually crying over things like last year’s Christmas wrapping paper.

Maybe it was because the paper was beautiful, and that it came from Target, but I was mostly sad because last year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas felt like one giant blur.

My life during the holidays of 2017 felt like an ongoing to do list. I just kept pushing along.

Have baby

Soren break wrist

Go back to work four weeks after baby and wrap up classroom making sure to connect with all your students, parents and coworkers…finalize report cards

Attend twice weekly Nutcracker practices

Complete makeup and hair for eleven Nutcracker performances as well as chaperone and watch said shows

Make our last Christmas and Thanksgiving in La Jolla one to remember

Make it to all the Christmas performances, concerts and parties.

Pack up, donate and organize and entire household for an epic move

Shop for Christmas

Maintain family, holiday traditions

Attend going away parties

Hug, reassure and love children who are scared to move

Keep breastfeeding

Say goodbye to everyone and everything we love in California

Despite the chaos, our actual Christmas Eve was special. We spent the day at the beach, the evening at church and out to a steak dinner. We opened presents in a barren living room, all sharing two chairs and some floor pillows. On Christmas we relaxed (as much as you can without a couch) and had dinner with friends. The next morning the movers came and off to the Catamaran Hotel we went.

Sometimes though, I want a do over. Lately, I struggle to remember things about the place I called home those last few months and I wonder if within the chaos, I was able to really take everything in.

I wish I could go back, sit on the rocks at Windansea and listen to the waves crash against the sand.

I want another sunset picnic at La Jolla Cove.

I want to say goodbye to my little beach house and get a picture of my kids under the big tree.

I wish I could just sit and exist again in some of those small moments I took for granted in our day to day.

It’s the afternoon of our third Thanksgiving, the most important one of all, American Thanksgiving. While we won’t be celebrating with friends and family, Parker took the long weekend off and we let the kids skip school. I’m determined to make our holidays in Canada special while still holding onto our American traditions.

We are wearing comfy clothes, fuzzy socks and possibly long underwear. I’m glad I let the kids miss school. We needed a day like this.

Prior to eating the big meal, we went around the table and said what we were thankful for. Soren said he was thankful for hockey and the earth. For the rest of us it was the usual friends, family and health, but I emphasized how grateful I am for this move and above all, how well our family has adjusted, despite the enormity of it all.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🍽🍁🦃

7 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. 😭😭😭😭 you forgot to mention celebrating your birthday! I cannot believe you did all that. You guys threw a heck of a Christmas party . I miss Parker and I wish I would have done more lunches with him and the gang at EPL. Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️❤️❤️


    1. Right! I had a birthday then? 😂😂. So much. I wish too we had some more time to hang and just enjoy the moment. Happy thanksgiving Diana!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh man betsy. 😭 That is so much. You amazes me. I love this blog because even though I’ve known you my whole life I feel like I’m getting to know you better. I felt a little like this when we moved to Iowa (that was a lot smaller scale! Haha) just wishing I had appreciated where we were and sad that time with Indra flew by so quickly without me noticing. Glad you all played hookey from school. 😘


  3. So happy dad and I got to be part of your lives last November and December. You had a lot going on!
    Special memories and pictures one year later. Love, Mom


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