All I Want For Christmas Is Ellinor’s One-Year Molars And Two Lateral Incisors

“From our happy home
Through the world we roam
One week in all the year,
Making winter spring
With the joy we bring
For Christmas-tide is here.”

~Louise May Alcott, A Christmas Dream and How It Came True

It’s holiday time, which means every possible concert, party and event is all happening simultaneously and we are trying to keep up.  I am sure most parents can relate.  Where in the past, I would feel guilty for missing out on something this time of the year, especially for the kids, I now happily opt out of an event or send in the store-bought treat.

To add to this, Ellinor is getting four teeth, which means bottle weaning has been put on an indefinite hold for her sanity, but mostly for ours.  It’s funny because when you space your kids out like we did, you tend to forget, or even block out those not-so-fun baby milestones.  Given Ellinor is our fourth kid, and I am almost 40, she can have a dang bottle for a few more weeks.

Yes, somewhere in all the holiday melee, I turned 39.

I feel like I truly settled into myself once I turned thirty.  I love my thirties and I am holding tight to 39.

My mornings and early afternoons are still fairly quiet.  Honey has become my buddy and has bonded with Ellinor.  They have officially reached BFF status.

Ellinor’s chubby feet are delicious and perfect for nomming.

During the day, we spend much of our time in the art room/office.  I am able to get a few things done and the room is fairly puppy and baby proofed although Ellinor has found a way to keep things interesting.  It’s the symbiotic relationship between baby and dog.  Baby accesses something she shouldn’t and shares with dog.

Baby shares food, dog knows where to sit and subsequently goes on a hunger strike knowing better food awaits near the high chair.

Even when they aren’t conspiring against me, they both manage to get into their own trouble.  Honey likes chewing on the Christmas tree and presents. Ellinor enjoys sharing ornaments with Honey and bypassing our gates and climbing the stairs. I don’t get much time to work out lately, but my constant state of motion has kept me somewhat fit.

I will leave you with our annual Santa picture.  Sophie wasn’t able to make it as she had a friend’s birthday party. Merry Christmas!

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