Canadian Anniversary

“Our lives can hold just so much. If they’re filled with one thing, they can’t be filled with another. We ought to do a lot of thinking about what we want to fill them with.”

~Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy Was a Junior

Our time spent in Portland went too quickly, but we sure had a wonderful time. We haven’t seen our good friends Tim, Natalie, Kia and Calli in awhile so it was a treat to spend almost three whole days together. Thank you for showing us around Maine and we can’t wait to come back and visit.

During our trip, Parker and I managed a quiet moment to ourselves, even if it was in the hotel bar. Afterward we met up with our friend Jackson.

Being with good friends brings immense joy.

Obviously, the girls and I did plenty of shopping, Target being at the top of the to-do list.

Good thing we like to joke around as Elsa had fun torturing me…”look mom, your worst nightmare.”

Here we are being tourists and took a family picture by the boot.

Our trip back was uneventful and although I was a little more alert and tense when I saw a deer or moose crossing sign (which is basically the entire drive), we made it back just in time for Ellinor to throw up all over me. In all my years of dealing with sick kids, this was by far the worst barf session I have ever experienced…and felt…and smelled.

Despite barfageddon, we all miraculously managed to sleep in, although Ellinor has spent much of her day like this:

Incidentally, today marks our one year anniversary having moved to Canada. I’m feeling a multitude of emotions that I don’t entirely know how to express in words, so I will share this picture of our kids right before we left San Diego and another of our first New Year’s Eve in Halifax.

Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Canadian Anniversary

  1. Miss you all so much. I was never so happy as when we loaded out the Nutcracker. The cozy vibe of the home town Ballet Company is over other than the dog in the Christmas sweater (Bravo). I am sure you remember him. When I read your posts, I have the urge to
    Call you so we can meet up for coffee. A year in the books?? It seriously feels like yesterday. I will keep Saying this. I hope to see you soon!! I hope your kids remember me. I hope to meet your dog. Keep
    Safe Larson’s. You’ve made is through your first year!


    1. Same here…it felt weird not seeing you basically the entire month of December. Wish we could meet up for coffee and hang out and wait for my Amazon packages to arrive 😂
      Happy New Year! Until we see each other. Hopefully sooner than later ❤️❤️


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