“I play songs that have only the pattern of myself in them and you hum along supporting me. You are the companion to myself.”

~Karen Hesse, Out of the Dust

We enjoyed our last few days of vacation, celebrating New Year’s Eve at home with fondue and a sick Ellinor.

She managed to join us for dinner and listen to Soren’s thorough fondue tutorial. The sticks are for stabbing the food and it’s really fancy in case you were wondering.

New Year’s Day brought a snow storm.

As excited as Soren and I were to shovel (I’m serious about that), I was just as stoked to take down the Christmas decorations. I love Christmastime, but once the New Year hits, I am ready for a clean slate. Plus, taking down decor on the first means I have five sets of hands to help. All part of my master plan…

Taking down the decorations meant finally having a reason to hang pictures in the house. We are going on close to nine months since we moved in so I guess it’s about time.

In hanging pictures, we realized we needed to up our Ellinor picture game. Some of her frames may or may not be blank. Her siblings benefitted from a great photographer and even more amazing friend in California (Rachel), which means artsy beach shots and stellar headshots galore. I wonder if this one will work for Ellinor?

One my favorite things to put up was framed sheet music of my late grandma Audrey. Grandma was many wonderful things, one of them being an accomplished piano player. Her favorite musical style was ragtime and I have vivid and special memories of her sitting at her large brown piano, playing her favorites or taking our requests. Even when she played classical music, it still had that syncopated rhythm and upbeat feeling that you get from ragtime. I’m grateful three of my four children got to hear and watch GG play piano and dance around in her living room.

I framed the song Swipesy by Scott Joplin because that is always the song I hear when I think of grandma.

Today marks the one year anniversary of her passing and I have listened to this song a handful of times. I can still picture her hands bouncing on the keys and floating back and forth between the octaves.

Incidentally, I went grocery shopping with Soren and Elsa today. Without thinking, I grabbed two Diet Cokes from the fridge (cut me some slack…I’ve been up late with a sick kid). I set them on the counter and asked the clerk to keep one out for me to drink. He said, “Do you want to be Sarah today or Audrey?”

Elsa gasped and we both smiled! Love you grandma.

We spent most of the day being lazy as our vacation, like most everyone, has come to and end.

Post Christmas blues or sick baby?

I wrapped the evening up with Ellinor at the doctor and yes, she has an ear infection. Here is to hoping the meds kick in and we all sleep well because the morning alarm as been set once again [insert huge fart noise here].

3 thoughts on “Swipesy

  1. Sweet memories to have for Grandma Audrey. She and I were a duo for church services for a year. Not sure you kids knew that. It was fun. Glad I have videos of all the grandkids dancing when she played. Happy birthday was her go to song for the kids. Good post. Happy New year! Love, mom


    1. Note to self: find Swipesy on YouTube. Your children are so lucky to have had that time with Audrey. A treasure! Looks like Miss Ellinor is recovering.


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