Ice Ice Baby

“The legs feed the wolf”

~Herb Brooks

The kids had their second snow day of the school year and by snow day I really mean weather day. It snowed heavily, then warmed up and we had ice and lots of rain. I was grateful for a day off. I had been up with Ellinor at 3 am (teething), saw the snow falling and all I could think of was I do not want to drag my kids out in that tomorrow. Please save me.

As I poorly attempted to get Ellinor back to bed, I thought back to the excitement of snow days growing up in Minnesota. A snow day was hard to come by because as soon as the first snowflake hit the pavement, the plows were out in full effect.

Like all kids, I just prayed the snow would be blowing and drifting so school would be canceled. I would wake up, turn on the television and watch the school cancelation ticker at the bottom of the screen, hoping Lakeville would pop up.

Lac Qui Parle Valley…

Le Center…


Nowadays, we get an early morning text, email and tweet from the school district notifying about a school closure. Parker was up before me and let me know school was canceled and that I could go back to bed. At this point Ellinor (who had finally passed out in our bed) was wide awake and her diaper had leaked all over me, my pillow and side of the bed. I wasn’t going back to sleep anytime soon.

I’m thankful for this unexpected day off because January is the longest month ever and this is how I currently feel.

Other than Parker’s birthday, January is the worst (February is a close second). It’s a long haul from now until spring break at which point I don’t anticipate the weather to be much better.

So when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade or in our case life gave us ice, so we made a hockey rink.

This rink is completely accidental and actually not a good thing (the builder needs to regrade our backyard) but it’s there so why not use it.

Soren especially seems to love winter the most because it means all things hockey. This last weekend he played in his first “tournament” at the Scotiabank Centre where the Halifax Mooseheads play.

He had two games and I was able to make the first one of the day. I love doing the hockey mom thing because really all I need to do is kick back, watch Soren have fun and enjoy a hot tea.

It brings me joy to see Parker and Soren bonding over hockey and palling around together…that makes January tolerable.

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