“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”

~William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

I still remember my dads’s 30th birthday party. Not sure why this is such a vivid memory, but I recall lots of happy (probably slightly drunk) adults having a great time, partying in our garage. I think there was a keg; I’ll have to confirm with my parents 🙂 Thirty seemed so old to me that day and then when they turned forty? Stop! Honestly, it was probably all the black balloons and talk about being over the hill that made me worry about being middle aged and growing older.

Now as an adult, the notion of thirty and even forty being old seems silly. I’d take thirty something Betsy any day over Betsy in her twenties. She has better style sense, is way more laid back, content and has a better understanding of her self.

I still have one year to forty, but today Parker is the birthday boy, celebrating the big 4-0. I really enjoyed buying this balloon. Lordy, lordy look who’s forty!

This weekend we did some early celebrating with Guiby and Eric. The highlight of the night was finishing our puzzle. #oldpeoplefun

On Saturday, Parker and I went out to dinner at our favorite hour, 5:30, enjoying a much needed date night, which hasn’t happened since our Anniversary in August. C’est fou!

The rest of the weekend was spent running kids to dance, hockey and taking millions of pictures of Ellinor sleeping.

We settled into our Sunday, cleaning up the kitchen for the 20th time that day, when suddenly Soren started screaming and crying in agony. We aren’t really sure what happened. We think he slipped and fell on the floor and somehow hurt his forearm and was unable to move it.

Thankfully, the ER is only a two minute drive from our house.

Seven hours later and a handful of traumatic X-rays for which Soren may never forgive me, the doctors couldn’t find a bone break. He was in a lot of pain and still wasn’t able to move his arm but they finally determined he had a pulled elbow (dislocation). The treatment? Reset the arm 😬🤭. Despite the trauma and discomfort with the reset, he instantly felt better and could move without pain.

We moseyed home at 2:30am and fell asleep at 3am, which is why the kids and I slept in and took a mental health day. Soren’s arm is sore and he’s tired, but he feels immensely better. We are grateful nothing was broken, as Soren would have been miserable without hockey.

Given our hectic evening/early morning, Parker opted to order food in, eat DQ cake and relax.

Happy birthday old man.

One thought on “Milestones

  1. Wow what a crazy weekend! It seems with little kids, we are always at the drs or hospital. I’m glad Soren is okay and you all had a relaxing weekend. Happy Birthday, Parker!!

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