“And a quiet old lady who was whispering “hush”

~Margaret Wise Brown, Goodnight Moon

Parker drove our van back from Maine today and got home just after dinner. We were thrilled to have her back in the driveway…oh, and we were happy to see Parker too. 😉

Best dad ever…he brought back provisions from Trader Joe’s.

My kids could live off freeze dried fruit.

While I began the task of cleaning up the kitchen (happens probably fifteen times a day), I looked over and saw my tired and sick little 🐝.

She left the sweetest drool mark on the couch. Good thing the upholstery is kid friendly.

Once Ellinor was tucked into bed, I realized we still had to install the new Canadian car seat into the van.

In hitting the deer, our insurance company required that we purchase a new car seat. Our “old” seat (we just purchased it this summer) was supposedly damaged goods and we were told to cut the straps and discard the seat, sending it on it’s way to the landfill.

If we wanted to go one step further, we could take the advice of the cult I mean, website, Car Seats For Littles where people recommended a person drive over the seat with their car so no one else will try to refurbish and use it. I mean after all, car seats expire…that thick, hazardous plastic which will exist on this planet for the next 100 years (or more) is expiring as we speak. I’m anxious just thinking about it!

Here I am beginning the car seat install. I’m so thankful that every country has their own rules and regulations for car seat safety.

What the eff is this bar?

We have a heated garage, but once I lugged this monstrosity outside, I realized why I hated today; it was 7 degrees Fahrenheit.

Despite starting the car and blasting the heat, my fingers still felt like they were going to fall off, as I clumsily hung halfway out of the van door trying to figure out the nuances of this Canadian seat, aided only by the flashlight on my phone and the dome light in the car. With Parker’s help, I managed to get it installed, but not before becoming an unhinged lunatic.

We came back into the house and found the kids snacking on dried fruit…not even remotely ready for bed. I gave them the look and off they scattered to brush their teeth. There is no arguing with a woman who has lost feeling in her fingers.

Our bedtime routine took forever and like always, involved Soren and Elsa passing out wherever, at which point we transferred them to their beds once we were certain they were asleep. For two highly organized and regimented people, we have never successfully managed a solid bedtime routine with any of our children.

Up until 10 pm on a school night? Sure!

Snacks after teeth have been brushed? Why not?!

Staying up late to watch an important TV show, like Big Brother? You know it!

Parents falling asleep before children? Heck yeah!

Little kids sleeping on our floor or at the end of our bed? Sensational!

Parker is sound asleep after driving nearly 12 hours by himself, Honey is snoring next to me and I hear Ellinor stirring. I’m going to close my eyes and will myself to sleep knowing a school day morning comes faster than most. Goodnight Tuesday.

One thought on “Tuesday

  1. Morning Betsy! In reading a few posts I do believe you have the wrong date for last Tuesday, it was the 22nd, I know that for one big reason. Anyway, glad every country seems to have different regulations on child car seats. JK! Shame they go to landfills and last for eternity, ha! Glad you got the seat installed. Better you than me:) and glad Parker got home safely and the Trader Joe’s stop was a highlight. Love, Mom


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