Storm Chips

A big storm is heading our way. Lots of snow, turning to a wintry mix and then freezing rain (i.e., classic Halifax; #classichalifax), which means we are hunkering down with our Storm Chips.

This is the first time I have eaten these kind of chips and I was a little wary because I really dislike ketchup chips (sorry Canadians). I will say though, Parker and I both liked them. They tasted of muddled, yet delicious flavoring, but most predominantly the dill pickle flavor which is one of my all time favorites (a true Minnesotan).

Yes, chips are delicious, but why am I blogging about them?

According to Haligonians, one knows a snowstorm is on its way by the condition of the snack food aisle. In addition to grabbing the essentials like batteries, milk and water, people in the Maritimes stock up on chips.

Back in 2014, CBC Halifax host Stephanie Domet noted this phenomenon, sending out a tweet, adding the now famous #stormchips and the rest is history.

Here is an interview with Stephanie:


According to Ipsos Five, a division of the Ipsos Reid polling group, Atlantic Canadians eat more potato chips per capita than anywhere else in the country. Supposedly, chip sales have increased since the hashtag was coined and subsequently Covered Bridge capitalized, creating their now famous Storm Chips.

Storm Chips…chips for trick or treaters…it’s all coming full circle.

Now you can stock up and eat whatever chip you like during a winter storm. If I’m feeling nostalgic for my youth, it’s all about the Cool Ranch Doritos, but San Diegan Betsy loves her some Takis Fuego, especially during a snowstorm.

All I know is after all the chips I just ate, we better have a snow day tomorrow.






Other than loving chips and eating them well beyond my stomach limit, that is the extent of my chip knowledge.

For more information about chips in Canada, please visit Dr. Will Shead’s hilarious and informative social media accounts – Chip Quips.

Chip Quips – Storm Chips

Chip Quips – Instagram

Chip Quips – Facebook

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