March, Where Are You?

A Light exists in Spring

Not present on the Year

At any other period –

When March is scarcely here

~Emily Dickinson, A Light Exists In Spring

February’s only redeeming quality is it has 28 days. Otherwise, it’s one of the least exciting months, usually cold (especially in Canada) and uninspiring. It just can’t compete with months like July or December. Sorry February…I’ve never been into you. February is like a pair of pleated khakis or a mock turtleneck.

We did manage a few “warmer” days between our big snow day and now. Honey got a walk in, the second of her life.

Lately, it’s been biting cold and windy. I’ve been lucky enough to score parking spots near the school so I can run Elsa and Soren in without having to take Ellinor out of the car. This weather literally takes her breath away. We even skipped Ellinor’s gym class and opted to snuggle under a blanket and watch Peppa Pig, her new favorite.

After school hours are more hectic than usual, as Sophie is happily preparing with her classmates for the school musical, Fiddler on the Roof. This means my babysitter is tied up, requiring me to bring the little ones with to drop Elsa at dance. While she is at class, we bide our time at the book/toy store and get Starbucks.

Woah…wait mom. Is that Peppa Pig? Worlds collide.

Playing with the germ infested, community Duplos.

March is almost here and lots of happiness awaits like Elsa’s birthday, Sophie’s musical performance and spring break. The prospect of slightly warmer weather has us excited and ready for more time outdoors.

Ellinor’s face says it all.

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