“I want to know what love is…”


Over the past couple days, the weather has improved and temperatures have warmed up. It’s amazing how wonderful 40 degrees feels in the spring compared to the fall.

Canadian spring.

Even Ellinor busted out her light jacket.

I managed some long walks this week and it felt exhilarating. This, coupled with two ballet classes last weekend and I am much more centered. I hope to continue this trend because warm weather and moving makes me happier.

I’m also not naive to the unpredictability of spring. I absolutely expect a snow storm in April and a frost in June. My expectations are managed.

Thankfully, we are one day away from spring break and although we aren’t going anywhere warm, it will be nice to have lazy mornings and a break from making school lunches.

Oh, and Sophie gets to sing with Foreigner on Sunday. No big deal. It’s funny because ever since she was in kindergarten, Sophie has been terrible about relaying information from school. When she mentioned singing at this concert, her description felt more like Foreigner cover band in a local bar versus the real deal. I didn’t think much of it. I was more concerned about logistics. The “when” and “where” for drop off and pick up…

Then I saw the permission slip.

I may have gasped.

The teachers are chaperoning…boo! They deserve it though. I didn’t want to miss out so I went online and scored some sweet tickets (Foreigner in Halifax is a cheap night). On Sunday, I will be right up front, singing and dancing, downing a beer or three while videotaping my child’s rock and roll moment.

One thought on “Thaw?

  1. So glad Sophie is singing with Foreigner. It will be fabulous. Good for you! Hoping nice weather continues. Crazy stuff in MN. Hope it’s all gone by May.


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