Emotions and More Emotions

“I think of the self-actualizing man not as an ordinary man with something added, but rather as the ordinary man with nothing taken away.”

~Abraham Maslow

This morning at breakfast Soren was listing things daddy does well. When it was my turn, he adoringly looked up and said, “Mommy is good at going to Costco and taking care of Ellinor.”

We all had a good laugh, but I will admit I felt a tad deflated. Costco?!? I have a masters degree!

Parker stepped in (teachable moment) and did his best to remind everyone of my professional accomplishments, other than bulk shopping, and that mom is the one who put her career on hold to run the family. ❤️❤️

Despite Soren’s response, he has always been my champion. He is the first one to remind everyone that “mommy does everything” and “mommy is the best ever.” Soren has watched me teach, spent countless hours in my classroom, but in his little world, I am mom, which is wonderful.

Being a stay at home mom is, at times, a thankless and monotonous job, but I count myself lucky having had this opportunity with all my children. I wouldn’t change it for anything. With that being said, I do miss my professional life.  It’s the struggle most mothers feel; the desire to live for our children, but also craving a life outside of motherhood. Finding balance with four kids can be tough.

With all our kids, I waited on work until they were at least two and starting preschool.  This felt like a good transition and at the same time eased my ‘mom guilt.’  Crazily enough, Ellinor will reach this marker in the fall, which has me contemplating the next phase of life.

This is where I am at:

Logo final img and text

The Extra School Mom

Here you can see how this all came about…

Lately, I have mastered the art of feeling.  I am ready to start doing.





6 thoughts on “Emotions and More Emotions

  1. Your posts always seem spot on and with perfect timing. Spring break here but I am holed up in the theatre with the Opera. Ready to head to the desert and chill with Lily. Eli has better fish to fry these days. Enjoy those kiddos while you can. In a blink, they are birds flying far, far away…

    See ya at Costco but not by the sample lady!!


  2. Being a stay at home mom is the hardest and most rewarding job in the world. You make motherhood look easy! Love, mom


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