“It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.”

~Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy-Tacy and Tib

I don’t even know if spring is here yet. I’m seeing all these posts of people drinking on patios and kids playing in pools and I wonder if I am missing something.

Kids home sick, lots of rain, temps barely in the 10s (I’m using Celsius at Parker’s insistence…nag nag nag!)…but guess what?

My mom is coming to visit 🥰. She’s making the trek to Halifax to watch Elsa dance in her student showcase and to experience Nova Scotia in June.

And yes, it gets even better because once my mom heads out, Alisha arrives for a week long visit.

Oh, and then we head to Minnesota for the month of July.

Well, I’m not really scared, but you get the level of my excitement.

Incidentally, whenever the kids are feeling bogged down by a mundane week, I make a point to find the positive in what awaits us during the week or even the upcoming months. Something as simple as, our evening is wide open and we can all take a family walk, is enough to get our kids through a tough Monday morning.

We are also fans of the countdown. Five chains all prepped and ready for tearing…Father’s Day, end of school, Mema’s arrival, Alisha’s visit and our trip to Minnesota.

Seeing the blossoms on our apple tree, Sweetie Girl (the kids named her), make us happy as well.

Our rhubarb is popping up and thankfully survived its first year in our yard.

The garden is in and I hope it handles the rain on the way.

We are looking forward to what summer has in store.

5 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. Summer vacation is such a sweet time to make memories, to learn to savor it and cherish it! Kudos to you as a Mom for finding fun ways to not only look forward to it’s arrival but separate out the events! Enjoy every minute of it! (All of you because Summer is NOT just for kids!) Miss you guys!


  2. I am excited for my visit and for all the days you’ll be in Minnesota. Ryan told me he’s soooo excited to see all of you too. We will see if Ryan and Sophie’s plan to camp outside works out. Let the fun begin! XO


  3. Love your rhubarb!!! We put some more in below the house, next to the pond and rescued and replanted existing plants from the front yard. Stay positive. There are a lot of things going right and much of it is due to your planning and guidance along with Parker. We’re looking forward to your visit this summer. Hope the Pilates reformer is serving you well.


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