The eye of the storm

“Mom, is this the eye of the storm?”

“How long is the eye?”

“Is this it?”

“Approximately when will we see the eye?”

~Elsa and Soren Larson every five minutes during the hurricane

It has been 72 hours and we finally have power. Luckily, we made it through our first hurricane unscathed…here are some pre, during and post hurricane highlights.

First order of business, we picked Sweetie Girl’s apples. Soren gave her a hug and told her to hang in there. We love that tree and she weathered the storm like a true champion.

Board games galore…FYI kids, 9 am is always too early to play Monopoly.

Creative lighting.

Nervous dog who also, oddly enough, happened to love going out during a hurricane. Even during the height of the storm, Honey refused to pee and would much rather chase leaves.

After a light show in the basement, a fair amount of drinking (wine, cider and juice boxes) and a hurricane dance party, we headed to bed in the dark of night, the storm slowly waning.

We woke up to a beautiful Sunday morning and went outside to assess the damage. Like I said, we lucked out…just a lot of branches, leaves and thousands and thousands of acorns.

Sadly, many of of neighbors didn’t fare as well, but it was awesome to see everyone out, checking in with each other and offering help during the clean up.

Pockets of the city had power restored so we were able to get pizza delivery, oh and a generator.

Considering our area wasn’t going to see power for awhile, we decided a generator was must have for future storms in Halifax.

Behold, the technology charging station which we also connected to the mini fridge, nugget ice machine and WiFi…essentials.

Since we turned the generator off by 9 pm (just being neighborly), we roasted marshmallows and made s’mores by candlelight.

All in all, it was a unique experience and aside from the lack of power, we enjoyed our close and dark time together as a family.

Just checking off that natural disaster list!

Tornado ✔️

Wild Fires ✔️

Earthquakes ✔️

Hurricane ✔️

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