Sleepy Little Bee

“It’s time to sleep, little bee, little bee,

Yes I love you and you love me.”

~Mem Fox, Time For Bed

In our married life, Parker has traveled a fair amount for work. Especially when we lived in San Diego, he frequently flew to various destinations, often times overseas.

International travel means miles which equates to travel upgrades and also free flights. I can’t complain.

But…maybe I can a little bit 🙂

For a long time, I have I learned the art of solo parenting. I figured out how to manage kids, work, activities and life all while having a husband who was thousands of miles away.

And then I had four kids.

Parker’s traveling is trickier more now than ever, given we have a house full of children. I find I have to let certain things go, manage less and cancel certain activities just to make our schedule work…and also to maintain my sanity.

When Parker is gone, life gets interesting. Like when your 2 year old decides to climb out of her crib and land on her head.

I snapped a picture. This is how you communicate when there is a 13 hour time difference between you and your husband.

Don’t worry, she was okay but her desire to vacate her crib meant it was time to sleep in the big girl bed…which she hated and therefore ended up sleeping in my bed.

I woke up at 5 am to someone touching my eye (spoiler, it was Ellinor). She hasn’t napped for four days…my sweet fourth child, my best and ONLY napper, is refusing her afternoon siesta.

Sleepy time use to be drop baby in crib, say I love you, talk to the stuffed animals, give kisses and BAM, Ellinor was asleep in two minutes.

Current bedtime routine which takes over an hour:

*baby gets on and off bed 10 times

*baby plays with light switches

*baby messes with hair products in the adjoining bathroom

*woah! I can run the bathtub faucet?

*baby comes back to mommy, reluctantly, and cries yet refuses to climb onto bed

*after 10 minutes of crying, baby gives in and hugs mommy for 5 seconds but stays on the bed

*baby reads books with mommy

*baby requires her special blanket touch all areas of her face

*mommy thinks baby is asleep, moves her arm

*baby wakes up

*back to blanket touching face

*mommy rubs baby’s arm for 20 min, pats baby and scratches her arms

*baby starts snoring

*mommy waits

*mommy slinks out of room and baby sits up and says “hi!”

*mommy gives baby the iPad

I’m sleep deprived and I have to say, I will take a newborn any day over a toddler who refuses to sleep.

Then there is the disorientation of daylight savings.

All showered and ready for bed at 2:00 pm.

Falling asleep at 5:30 pm. Is this a nap? Bedtime? I can’t wait to find out.

2 thoughts on “Sleepy Little Bee

  1. Funny Betsy but I can grasp the frustration of Ellinor’s shenanigans. You climbed out of your crib at around 14 months (recorded in your baby book if you want to fact check :)). We knew it was time for a big girl twin bed and figured out how you wouldn’t fall out. Difference is you loved the new bed and stayed put! Safety first so good luck. This too shall pass. Some day you’ll be reading a book on a Cayman beach, so there is hope dear daughter, jk. Love ya!

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