A sleep story

“Clever Girl”

~Muldoon, Jurassic Park

If you read my last post, you would have discerned that both Ellinor and I were suffering from sleep deprivation.

I hit my breaking point Tuesday afternoon and finally put Ellinor in her big girl bed, kissed her goodnight and closed the door. There was some crying and complaining but faster than expected, she fell asleep.

Once the coast was clear, I crept into her room (doing the compulsive bedtime check all moms do) to find her snoring away.

Yes, that’s mommy shark looking straight into your soul.

I carefully transferred her back to the crib since we have yet to purchase a gate for the top of the stairs.


Prior to moving her each time, I have become obsessed with taking pictures of my sweet, snuggly baby.

Don’t worry, I moved the blanket.

Ellinor has yet to realize she can open her bedroom door but much like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park, she WILL figure it out.

Like a true toddler, in less than four days, Ellinor went from being the most impossible child to the sweetest little girl in the whole world.

I can’t wait for potty training!

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