“Isn’t it mysterious to begin a new journal like this? I can run my fingers through the fresh clean pages but I cannot guess what the writing on them will be.”

~Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy in Spite of Herself

Two years in Canada.

Although it’s been 730 days, it still feels like yesterday since we left San Diego for Halifax.

I never know how to properly put into words my feelings regarding our move, but I know despite missing America, we have come to love our time in Canada.

Our second year up north has brought lots of fun and has bonded our family even more so than before. We are a tight family unit.

This week we took our annual trip (you can call it that if you have done it twice, right?) to Maine.

About 10 minutes into the drive, we realized Ellinor now gets car sick. After the second barf (it took us a few times to realize we needed to remove the iPad), we cleaned her up where she spent the remainder of the ride singing, talking to her fingers, napping, snacking and dancing in her seat.

Post barf euphoria.

Although we drove through a nasty ice storm, I can happily report I did not hit a deer.

When you want to swim in the hotel pool, but it’s also winter.

The kids were excited to get away, but just as thrilled to arrive home. Home is a good thing.

The remainder of our vacation will be spent watching the World Junior Hockey Tournament 🇺🇸 and putting away Christmas decorations 🥴.

Happy Anniversary Halifax.

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