Winter Days and Birthdays

“There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothes.”

Last year I felt really cooped up and longing for sunny, warm days. I made a rule for myself, if the temp was under 40 degrees (sorry Parker, 5 degrees Celsius), I wouldn’t partake in outdoor activities.

I see parents walking and biking with their bundled up children, trudging through the snow and rain and I am extremely impressed. I saw a guy the other day jogging in shorts! Although I admire their dedication, I am not there yet and not sure if I ever will be. As much as I like the idea of being a winter warrior, a toasty, two minute van ride to school is always going to win over a wet and miserable walk.

Also, the hockey arena needs to turn on the heat. When did I become such a wuss?

This all may sound dramatic, especially to those who grew up and live in a cold climate and I even shake my head sometimes. I lived in Minnesota until I was 23 years old, but 15 years in San Diego clearly made me soft.

It’s more than just cold weather and a lack of sun, the weather significantly and negatively affects my mood and how I perceive my life and I don’t like it. I’m trying to make a change because life still has to be enjoyed when it dips below freezing.

For starters, I bought some Vitamin D and I’m on the lookout for a light therapy box. I have also lowered my outdoor walk temperature threshold to 32 degrees (0 Celsius..nag, nag, nag Parker). Baby steps.

The other day, Elsa and I took Honey on a long walk and I walked to the chiropractor.

After each outdoor excursion, my head felt clearer and I was instantly in a better mood and more connected to my day. The cloudiness was lifted.

Oddly enough, I do enjoy shoveling and last Wednesday we had a wonderful snow day (no school or work) where there was lots of snow removal and playing outside.

Ellinor isn’t big into winter (the large coats and having to wear mittens) and this was her first real time playing in the snow.

Somehow we managed to get her into her gear and she loved it, even helping daddy shovel.

Parker took the big kids sledding.

It was a great winter day, the kind of cold I love.

I’m trying to be present and focus on things that bring me joy during January and February, like Soren losing his first tooth.

And Parker’s birthday.

I’ve been able to celebrate 21 birthdays with my best friend. A low key guy who just wants time with his family and a Dairy Queen cake to ring in his 41st birthday.

His patience and understanding for my winter struggles is unparalleled and I count myself blessed to have such a wonderful husband to hang tight with me, especially on these cold winter nights.

Happy Birthday Parker!

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