It Ain’t Easy Being Cheezy

Remember when I said January is the worst month? Well, I take it back, it’s February.

It’s going on three weeks now and there has been only one day where a kid wasn’t home sick.

Stomach Flu ✔️

Colds ✔️


You can even add in weird eye infections and bloody noses as well intermittent fevers that pop up at the worst time.

All the kids have been out of school but Elsa has missed 9 days (thus far), having developed a nasty case of bronchitis.

We skipped out on birthday parties, play dates, activities, appointments, lessons, and Valentine’s Day events, all to hunker down at home and ride out the wave of sickness.

People tell me the weather has been nicer than usual lately, but I wouldn’t know since I have barely stepped outside of my home other than to shop for provisions.

And just as I felt as if I may go insane, I got word of this:

Cheez It is now available in Canada.

Even Ellinor knows the power of Cheez It.

The cheesy goodness at the end of the long February tunnel. Bring on March!

2 thoughts on “It Ain’t Easy Being Cheezy

  1. Hang in there, Betsy. I am glad that Cheeze-Its have brightened your month. Best you have stayed out of most gathering places until we figure out how the new virus spreads.


  2. Too funny! Cheezits to the rescue! I bought some for your arrival on the 10th. It’s been a nasty batch of the crud for all of you. Glad it’s looking up!


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