Self Isolation

“Hello, is it me you’re looking for?
I can see it in your eyes
I can see it in your smile.”

~Lionel Richie

The kids and are at the tail end of our self isolation. Our last day is Saturday…but who’s counting?

For those of you freaking out, YES we are fine and YES we are healthy. Our 14 day isolation is due to the fact we traveled out of Canada to visit family in California.

Speaking of California…we want a do-over. Our much anticipated vacation was cut short and honestly, it all seems like a blur.

Most of our trip was spent worrying whether or not we would make it back to Canada…spoiler, we did, but not without much stress and trepidation all culminating at the Air Canada counter in Boston.

One day I will share THAT story, but today I’m choosing to remember THIS story. A day at La Jolla Cove (FYI, the nearest stranger was like 50 or more feet away).

We are grateful for our short time with friends (particular BFF reunions), family and also for Mexican food, breakfast burritos and the Pacific Ocean.

Mommy and Ellinor at Windansea 🌊

As much as we feel incomplete about our trip, getting back home to Parker and Honey made us whole. Now like the entire world, we are hunkered down and enjoying super mega concentrated family time.

We have been homeschooling for almost two weeks now, which is why I have yet to blog. Much of my writing energy and research has been harnessed into my educational website, The Extra School Mom.

To top it off, we went all in and potty trained Ellinor. When you realize your diaper supply is dwindling and you don’t want to fight someone off at the grocery store for a package of Pampers, you make bold moves.

I highly recommended self isolation potty training.

Trying out the scooter AND wearing undies.

Come Sunday, the kids and I are looking forward to our upgraded status to social distancers, when we can finally take walks around the neighborhood.

Until then, here is a sampling of our isolation time the past few weeks.

Produce delivery while supporting local businesses we love and want to see thrive!
Family game night…the kids made the games.
Chalking our driveway

Street hockey
Dog photo shoots

And most importantly, watching Tiger King.

Stay sane y’all!

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