Sophie is an easy going kid; she always has been. Moving to a new country as a teen, she never missed a beat and continued to find the silver lining in everything she did.

Sophie is a kind person. She cares about others, is accepting and willing to be your friend.

Sophie is resilient.

Today she graduated from Grade 9 and is onto high school. In the fall, she will be attending Sacred Heart School of Halifax. In true Sophie fashion, she is excited, optimistic and ready for the challenge.

We threw her a surprise graduation celebration.

With the move, Sophie had to endure four years of middle school/jr. high, which is definitely worth celebrating. To say she is excited to start high school is an understatement.

Today also marks Elsa’s last day of Grade 4 and Soren’s last day of grade 1.

There wasn’t much closure and excitement surrounding the last day of school, but I am extremely grateful for hard working and caring teachers who kept my kids engaged and made them feel connected.

As someone who has lived away from family and friends most of my adult life, I understand the importance of connection. To me, relationships have always been paramount and something I never took for granted.

Our vacations have always revolved around family. We look forward to our time spent in Minnesota and now California, to connect with people we love.

The notion that our summer is possibly absent of extended family and friends is something I haven’t fully reconciled.

Onto Summer Break! Or should I say, Summer Break????

Good luck parents!

5 thoughts on “Graduate

  1. Very nice writing Betsy! Wonderful you made Sophie’s day special. Life should be fun and you do a good job of that. Kiddos to Soren and Elsa too. Family is everything. Love Mom


  2. I am glad to see Sophie’s graduation is celebrated in a big way with her nearest and dearest. We are looking forward to your visit this summer!


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