80’s Summer

I’ve been trying to cram in as much summer fun as possible. With our travel plans to the States put on hold (😢😢😢), I want to capture and recreate some of that summer magic I had growing up as a kid, just in Nova Scotia.

Fact. The best summers of my life were spent at my grandparent’s lake cabin in Wisconsin. My most vivid childhood memories to this day involve our time at the lake, fishing, exploring and swimming with very little adult supervision.

My grandma Audrey would send us out in the morning and we wouldn’t come back until dinner time. We made our own lunches, baited and fixed our fishing poles, swam in middle of the lake, hunted frogs and caught fish, all without an adult ready to jump in to fix our mistakes.

It was the 80’s.

It was wonderful.

I do remember Grandpa Roy working tirelessly on the yard and Grandma Audrey raking the beach, in hopes that it would be less muck-filled and more swimmable. They had stuff to do and were always there if we needed crackers to bait the sunfish or someone to drive the pontoon.

Usually our days would end with dinner, a bonfire and a long evening of card and board games. Monopoly usually lasted well into the next day, the only thing keeping us awake, Mountain Dew and grape pop.

I want my kids to have that.

We did the South Shore a few weekends back and this weekend we headed up to the north shore of Nova Scotia (Tatamagouche). The water is warmer up north and my kids were craving a true summer beach day.

Parker ended up having to work (sea trials), which meant it was just me and the kids.

I tried to summon my inner Grandma Audrey.

The kids fished.

I made a bonfire. Night one was a fire fail, but on night two, a success.

Sophie: Mom, you wouldn’t survive on Naked and Afraid.

Now I know why grandma left us alone…better to be unaware than to manage the chaos. I also remember a cold beer in her coozie at night and as well as a brandy-water in my grandpa’s hand.


We didn’t have wifi, nor air conditioning and at times we were a bit bored and extremely sweaty, but we squeezed out some memories.

The kids’ favorite activity was running the river at low tide and bathing in the warm water of Rushton’s Beach.

In a few weeks, we are off to the Bay of Fundy, the full family of 6, for more Nova Scotia coastal fun.

I want to close with…I miss my extended family and I can’t wait until we can be reunited 🇺🇸.

2 thoughts on “80’s Summer

  1. Great memories from the past and now making memories for your kids! Nothing better. Miss all of you too. I am still holding out hope that you will make it back soon. Love ya!


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