Blast From The Past

After a long day outside, I find myself crawling into bed early and watching some television. One or more of the kids will join me and we will flip through, trying to find a new series on Netflix we haven’t watched yet.

Oh. My. Gah.

How? When?

David Ruprecht’s face says it all.

Big Sweep.

Elsa and I spent the next two hours, reveling in my youth, laughing hysterically, rooting for middle aged women running in a grocery store and discussing nineties hair and fashion.

I needed this.

After a few (or five) episodes, Elsa went to bed and Parker and I decided to tackle the laundry pile growing on our floor.

As always, we turned on Netflix…

Could my night get any better?


Note: I would NOT recommend watching the The Berkshires UFO episode late at night. 😳

This episode seems fitting since the Pentagon’s U.F.O. Unit just announced they will make some UFO findings public.

So 2020.

Need a Covid distraction or a reason to ditch social media for awhile, google Commander Fravor and also Bob Lazar.

Besides watching television shows from the 90’s and researching aliens, we continue to enjoy our exceptionally warm and sunny summer.

I finally have a stellar tan.

This season has been a wonderful distraction from all that has happened since March.

I don’t want summer to end.

One thought on “Blast From The Past

  1. Betsy, can’t believe I never commented to this post. Glad it’s been a beautiful summer for all of you. Of course we miss all of you so it brings comfort knowing you have been enjoying your summer. Here’s hoping you have a beautiful fall! Love ya!


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