Everything Old Is New Again

When we moved, my hope was that I could make all the big transitions for the kids as easy as possible.

I was willing to meticulously plan and agonize over every decision concerning the kids if it improved their happiness.

A few years and a stomach full of anxiety later, I can honestly say my preparedness didn’t always work.

And that’s okay…I’m learning to chill out.

Even with all the uncertainty, our kids have handled the move to Canada really well. Meeting new friends, starting different activities and changing schools has become second nature, so when we decided to change it all up again last February, the kids were prepared for a new challenge.

Today was the first day of school.

Sophie (Grade 10), attending Sacred Heart School of Halifax.

Verax Tum Audax: Dare to be True

Elsa (Grade 5), Soren (Grade 2) and Ellinor (preschool), attending The Larson Family School For Super Awesome Children.

As the kids and I progressed through our homeschool day, we definitely missed Sophie. Having her home since March has been wonderful and it felt a little weird not having her in the mix. We were all excited to pick her up at 3:35, where she debriefed us on her great first day of 10th grade.

In the past I have shared a little bit about our reasons behind homeschooling, but if you want to know more, stay in touch with my educational blog and website at The Extra School Mom.

With that being said, I wish everyone a happy new school year. No matter what school looks like for you at the moment, may it be filled with happy kids, optimistic parents and one I am sure of, loving and passionate teachers.

3 thoughts on “Everything Old Is New Again

  1. Time flies doesn’t it? Seems like yesterday that we left you with Mrs. Peach and now you’re teaching your own kids. You’ll do great, you always do. Proud of you!


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