Our Baby Bee Is Three 🐝

Alice: How long is forever?

White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.

~Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Ever since becoming a mother, I am much more in touch with my emotions. As someone who never cried easily, was overly stubborn (I still can be) and very type A, motherhood mellowed me out.

I am thankful for motherhood. Not only did it bless me with four wonderful kids, but it softened my edges and allowed me to live outside myself.

Here is Ellinor, her last late day nap as a 2 year old.

Despite the late nap, she declared at 8:30 pm, “Uh, I tired. Mommy, I go sleep in your room and you scratch my back?”


I scratched her back. She said she loved me close to fifty times and we listened to Clair de Lune (her favorite lullaby as a baby).

I cried.

Today she is 3 and I have already cried this morning. There is an intensity to seeing your kids grow up, especially when it’s your last child. It’s experiencing all those first moments for the final time.

Ellinor is extremely attached to me, yet at the same time she is fiercely independent. As Ellinor says, “No! I do it myself!”

Today we are celebrating at home…just the way Ellinor likes it. With lots of cake, a tea party and Alice in Wonderland.

She is the sweetest little 🐝. My gush monster.

Happy birthday sweet Ellinor ❤️

4 thoughts on “Our Baby Bee Is Three 🐝

  1. Oh Betsy!!! I cried too. I still cry when thinking of my boys as children, the heartbreaks of teens, and adults. They will always be my heart!

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