January 2021

I haven’t been much of a writer lately. Not much creativity to speak of and like most people, we aren’t doing much.

We are coming up on a year of this.

Our family is as close as ever, some may say codependent at this point, but hey, no big deal…we will figure out all of the neuroses once the kids are adults.

Until then, we rejoice in our new backyard ice rink. It’s finally frozen!

Happy Boy
Mom is the Zamboni

Sophie happily made it through her first semester at a new school. With a condensed schedule, she is looking forward to the start of the second semester come Monday morning.

Elsa is still working hard at dance. She loves ballet and modern and it has been a wonderful outlet both physically and mentally.

Soren has organized hockey on the weekend and now, thanks to the backyard rink, hockey everyday, if he wants to. Winter is Soren’s season, spending evenings watching the Wild and Minnesota Gophers on TV with Parker.

Ellinor is our comic relief. She’s still obsessed with Frozen, but her new favorite is Jo Jo Siwa.

Send Help

Honey loves her winter walks with Elsa, field trips to the neighbor’s house and snuggles on the couch.

Parker and I don’t do much, other than take wintry sunset pictures by the ocean.

Much love to everyone, especially our family and friends in the States. We can’t wait until we are reunited, when we can laugh, hug and shop at Target.

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