Spring has sprung…I think

I love spring…well, not so much the rain and grey of Nova Scotia, but the slowly warming temperatures and signs of new growth.

I took a tour of the backyard today. You know, after I partially drained and took down the ice rink. No big deal.

I did have help from the kid crew. Having four kids has its benefits.

This was extremely satisfying.

Back to the yard…the thyme survived as did the rhubarb (after its millionth relocation). Our bulbs have sprouted and the kale was hanging in there, which prompted Ellinor and Soren to grab a snack.

Like every spring, we have plans for the garden. Even better, we get to finally use our new and improved backyard.

Today’s sunshine and “warmth” felt amazing, especially after a long winter. I looked around and remarked out loud, this…this makes me feel happy. The kids agreed.

I know the forecast for the next 7 days is rain, more grey and probably some snow…but, I don’t care. Spring is here and not too far behind, summer, freedom and joy.

My three favorite words.

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